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Tom's Water Damage Cleaning understands the importance of dealing with the damage and harmful remnants that can be left behind after a flood and provides a fast and proficient clean up solution to both commercial and residential property owner

Has your home or business property suffered flood damage? Whether it was caused by a faulty appliance or a serious external event, use our service for Water Damage Repair and you will see complete restoration and renovation of your home or workplace

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Water Damage Cleaning & Restoration Services at Tom’s

Water damage repair is the one the most stressful things you can go through which demands immediate attention and action. And, when that happens, Tom’s water damage company is the first one to call at your service. We understand that you want your property to be cleaned up and dried as quickly as possible to minimize the extent of damage to your cherished items. So, we offer full water damage cleaning services that helps you stay stress-free and relaxed.

During disasters like floods, fire eruption or other catastrophes at our homes or offices, it becomes difficult to find the right people to reach out to at the right time. Those are the times we don’t understand what to do and whom to call. During such times, Tom’s plays a vital role as your go-to restoration services. In fact, we also make it easier for you by assisting your insurance company for your claims and restoration services.

When disaster strikes, our professionals are at your doorstep, whether it’s your home or office and immediately start working on the assessment of your damage and analyse how much time the water clean-up process will take. In addition, without wasting a moment further, we swiftly initiate the house water damage repair process.

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Tom’s is the most preferred water restoration and damage control company in Melbourne. We have a track record of reaching your damaged property faster than others in the industry. Not only do we reach faster, but, we also initiate the water damage cleanup as quickly as possible, avoiding the risk of more damage and reducing the cost attached to the damage. And, that’s why Melbourne loves Tom’s for our extraordinary customer services.

Water damage control is something that needs expert professionals to carry out the complete inspection of the damage and the process on how to clean it up as quickly as possible. Moreover, advanced water restoration equipments need to be used carefully which needs precision and training. That’s why Tom’s water damage cleaners have high-end expertise and years of experience of using such equipments to clean up water damage avoiding any further damage. Our expert professionals are available 24X7 for any emergencies.

Don’t wait for the damage to emerge louder, call us right away on 1300068194 .


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Organization : Australian Health Organization

Date : 16 October 2016

Description : We use Eco-friendly Chemicals for Cleaning and we got award for this.

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Duct Cleaning Certificate

Organization : NADCA

Date : 27 December 2016

Description : We have certified cleaners from NADCA

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Organization : Clean Australia

Date : 10 May 2016

Description : We got Excellece Work award for our Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Services.

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